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If My Vision Of God, Truth, Light And Love Could Be Translated Into Music
It Would Be "The Band"


It was the summer of 1981 and I just replaced my complete set of "THE BAND" albums for about the 10th time. You see, I've painted and created almost all of my work in my sound studio solely listening to "The Band"- some 440 oil paintings, 30 etchin gs, and countless drawings and sculptures in metal and stone. I always focused on the sound perspective of "The Band and my own artistic knowledge. It was like a religion to me. I would tell people about the spiritual connection I had with the band and my desire to meet them.

If my vision of god, truth, light and love could be translated into music - it would be "The Band". Their positive creative sound has always guided my vision. Well, in 1981, I decided to create "Homage To The Band" and give each member a sculpture of th emselves. In 1982, I finally connected with Levon Helm and Rick Danko while they were on an acoustic tour. They called the sculptures "The Northwest Grammies"

I was able to meet Richard Manuel And Garth Hudson when "The Band" reformed and went on their world tour. I had made Garth's sax player earlier, however since I hadn't met Richard, I didn't know what instrument he would like. He told me, "I'm Partial t o the piano", so that's what I made for him. Unfortunately, Richard died before I could give it to him. I haven't met Robbie Robertson yet, however I hope to give him his guitar player some day.

In making these sculptures, I wanted to pay homage to great people who inspired my imagination and pointed me always in the right direction.

Kitrick Short

Homage to The Band
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